Daniel uses

Editor & Terminal

  • Editor: Visual Studio Code.
  • Color Theme: I'm constantly switching between Cobalt 2 by Wes Bos, Dracula and OneDark Pro. Sometimes you gotta shake things up 🤓
  • Coding Font: I used Hack quite a lot but recently made the switch to the awesome and open source JetBrains Mono.
  • Are you one of those creepy devs using ligatures? Jep!
  • Linting & Prettify: ESLint with the great No-Sweat™ Eslint and Prettier Setup.
  • Terminal: iTerm with Cobalt 2, powererd by Oh My Zsh.

Desktop Apps

  • Postico for peeking into Postrges Databases
  • Fork, a Git GUI, when I want to play things save (Interactive Rebases!)
  • Affinity Photo for Designs
  • Balsamiq Wireframes to structure Design Ideas and Data Models
  • Notion for Notes and Code Snippets
  • Basecamp 3 for Project Management
  • Reaper & Ultraschall for Podcast Editing

Tech & Gadgets


  • MacBook Pro Mid 2012 with macOS Catalina
  • Samsung UHD 28-inch
  • iPhone Xs Max


  • Zoom H6 Recorder
  • Rode Procaster Microphone
  • Superlux HMC660 X Headset